Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Computer crash that is. I hit a virus and from what my husband and the techies say, I hit a big one. No recovery possible. So, we had to get a new something, I don't know the right technical word. Anyway, I lost everything, all my bookmarks, my folders. I had backed up some but not all. Sad, sad, sad. I am trying to rebuild all my favorites up again. I lost all my favorite homeschooling sites and blogs I love to follow. This time as I go I am backing up everything. Also, keeping a notebook, paper trails are the best I say. Pray for me. My husband is giving me computer 101 classes now and I need them.
Many Blessings

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is It March Already?

Time has really been flying by.
March has come and brought beautiful weather.
We have been spending most of our mornings outside.
With screen doors open,
the house if full with nature's music.
Signs of Spring abound.
We are planning our small garden.
This will be our first year with a raised bed.
We will start small this year.
Maybe next year, if all goes well, we will expand.
Hubby is drawing the plans.
Pictures to follow.
Many Blessings.