Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010

On these last couple of days of 2010

we visited another plantation,

climbed some very big trees,

chased birds on the beach,

and talked about the adventures 2011
will bring.

Happy last day of 2010.
Many blessings.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

More 2010 Memories

Here are some pictures from a
late September evening walk at the beach.

The boys love the beach,
so do I.
The sounds, the smells...
all your senses are aware.

The boys always find new wonders.

Their bare feet leave their temporary marks.

My oldest---
He is getting so big---

Many blessings.

A Few Moments to Share

Seems 2010 will be gone soon.
As I look through some pictures,
I noticed a few I wanted to share.

Thanksgiving strolling


touching and learning

and Halloween playing, of course.

Many blessings.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Fun Surprise

Look who popped in for a little visit?
And it was only 3 days before Christmas?

The twins jumped for joy!

The oldest wondered if he was on the nice or naughty list.

Thank you Santa and Mrs Claus.
So nice for you to visit during this busiest
of times for you.

Christmas 2010

Seems like yesterday- that Advent was just beginning.
Now, Christmas is over.
Stayed away from blog land most of December,
enjoying family.
But, I thought I might share a few
Christmas memories with you.

This is a picture of our Advent tree this year.
By the date, you can see it is still early in the month.
We used a wonderful Advent devotional from here.

A simple nativity in our guest room.

Some magical and whimsical elves.
Caroling and baking...

A simple craft for hanging and sharing.

Hope your Christmas was a blessed one.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Baking Begins

These yummy cupcakes and banana bread
have been made.
Tomorrow, beginning all the chocolate delights.
Then Monday, there will be coconut, jams,
cakes, etc, etc.
Good thing my diet is on hold til the new year.
Hoping you are indulging in delights this
Christmas season too.

Many Blessings

Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 Christmas Tour of Homes

This is my second year participating in the
Christmas Tour of homes.
It is so much fun looking at all the
beautiful homes.
Here is a little glimpse at ours.
Merry Christmas.

This is our front door, nothing fancy.
But, I like it.

This table is in our foyer.
You can see our foyer tree in the mirror reflection.
Yes, we believe in the reason for the season-Jesus.
But, we also love the magic of Santa.

Family room tree and fireplace mantel.

Tree in the kitchen- my favorite.
It has all of our most treasured ornaments displayed
on it.
We will need a bigger one next year.
Our decor is pretty much the same as last year.
Did get some wonderful ideas from looking at
other blogs.
So, next year, I think I will change things up.
Many blessings.

Do take a look all the beautiful Christmas
decorations in the tour of homes.
Just click on my sidebar and enjoy.

"School" With the Twins

For the last several months the twins
have wanted to do "school"
like their Big Brother.
I have been fighting this because
I want them to play, explore, touch, smell,
and taste things more naturally,
not structured.
But, their 8 year old Big Brother
is doing a little more formal work this year and
they want to join in.
So, twice a week for 10 minutes,
I do "school" with each twin.
Only 10 minutes, no more.
I do the twins "school" while my older son
is doing his handwriting
and math workbook.

I have been amazed.

They love the scissors.
Need to get left handed ones for my blue eyed twin.

Again, I am amazed at their letter formation.
I have seen them do letter formation
in the sand, but I was still surprised.
My instruction is simple.
Sometimes they only trace one letter
and that is okay.
Other times they do the whole sheet.
I do not push.

Letter recognition is there.

After 10 minutes, they say
"school work all done".
Then, they are off to the dirt pile outside.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Fun

Got out the play dough for the twins yesterday.
My oldest joined in too.
It had been awhile....

Forgot about how much the kids love any kind of dough.
For my oldest, it is modeling clay he loves.
But, for the twins anything they can freely
smash, squeeze, mix, and form will do.
I like to make our own play dough,
but if there is not time,
bought play dough works just fine.

Friendly play dough monsters was the theme
this go around.

Each making their own.

My oldest kept his intact for a few days....
the twins, well....
we now own a lot of grayish, purplish play dough.
No worries.

Many blessings.

We Are Now 4 Years Old

On December 6th, my two youngest turned 4 yrs old.
For twins, you will not find two any more different.
They are my wild, lovable boys.

Happy Birthday!
Mommy and Daddy and Big Brother love you!