Monday, March 19, 2012

To Listen

Love the  simplicity of this saying.
Rings so true this time of year.
If you sit still for just a moment...oh the sounds you here.
The birds singing.
The winds stirring.
The marsh rabbits hopping through the brush.
Children giggling while playing in the water hose.
The cat purring.
Your breathing in and out.

Be quiet for just a moment opens up all
kinds of happiness.
Must make a habit out of this.

Many blessings.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh the Legos!

Over a million in this head.
Guess who?


Yes, even Star Wars gets into the Lego act.
My little soldiers.

Cruising Around Legoland

Loving having full control of their cars.

A little brother friendly racing.

Obeying the traffic signals.

When all done, each got a driver's license.
Oh my!


Hello Legoland!

The boys, planning their attack.

Wow, at the Legos!

Yes, loving life right now.
Many blessings

Family That Excercises Together...

Lined up and ready.
Waiting for the word "Go!"

And go they do!
Catch Mommy if you can.
Daddy stays back,
just in case a big monster comes up from behind.
Daddy has our back covered, smiles.

Many blessings.

Beach Relief

After the long walk to the beach,
we are happy happy.

The water might be 68 degrees, but you would never know it
by the boys.

Love us some ocean water.
Not a house, not a hotel, not a building in sight.
Just beach and water
as far as one can see.

Happy, happy indeed.
Many blessings.

Graveyard and Sandy Paths

Oh, the history.

Walking the path to the beach.


The long path to the beach.

Many blessings.

The ruins of Dungeness Mansion

Approaching the ruins of Dungeness mansion.



I can just imagine what this place must have
been like back in it's prime.

Walking the grounds.
Even with the mansion in ruins, the beauty still abounds.
This is just our first stop
on Cumberland Island.

Cumberland Island Adventure Begins

Off to Cumberland Island.

After a beautiful 45 minute boat ride to the island, we finally arrive.

Starting our journey.
There are no stores and only a few motor vehicles
for the few private home owners and the state park workers.
Mommy and Daddy have backpacks full
with lunch, snacks, drinks, and
the ever important bug spray.


Where will the roads lead us?
Our journey is just beginning.

Many blessings.