Sunday, April 20, 2014

Catching Up

 Been away from my blog for several months.
Took a moment today to do some updating. 
 Looking through just our January pictures,
I see so much.
Much that through pictures I am able to soak in.
Tomorrow, I will look through our February pictures
and do the same.
Catching up...taking time to remember treasured

 Til tomorrow...

Many blessings.

Boy Fort

 Give boys some wood, tools, and lots of dirt...

 They will give you a fort.


 Hours and hours of fun.
Many blessings.

Coffee Stand

My blue eyed twin built this little gem.

The second one in line looks like me in the
morning before my coffee, smiles.

Many blessings.

Future Engineer

Some things just make me dizzy.
This roller coaster is one of them.
Definitely got this talent from his father, smiles.
Many blessings. 

MOSH LEGO Competition 2014

LEGO Competition Day
This year all three boys wanted to participate.
So, off we went.

Oldest doing his prep.

One twin is all ready.

So is the second twin.

And the competition has started.

If you notice two of the three boys are in full swing.
My blue eyed twin got overwhelmed and broke down with all 
the excitement.

So, Daddy took him to a play area that was full of LEGOs, of course.

He had a blast without all the pressure.

Oldest finished project.

Brown eyed twin's finished project.

After the competition was done and all the trophies were 
handed out and everyone was packing for home, 
my blue eyed decided to finish his project.
Bless his heart...


Doing a little reading.
Since January all three boys have really jumped into reading.
This is one happy Mommy.
Many blessings