Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tough Being The Oldest

My oldest is 8 years old. He has two younger brothers- 3 year old twins.
It is tough being the oldest.
Much is expected out of you.

Younger siblings want to do everything you do.
Go everywhere you go.
They look up to you.
That can be a lot of pressure for a 8 year old.

As a parent, I often forget that my "big boy"
is still little too.
I know I am tough on him.
He is to understand that the twins will get
into his room and mess things up, even that treasured lego
ship you have worked hard on.
He is to understand if they draw on his masterpiece drawing.
He is expected not to get mad, not to cry,
but to toughen up and take it.

Then I see my oldest asking his younger brothers
to come in his room and play.
The smiles and giggles that are heard from the little ones.
They so love their big brother.
Often running around the house calling his name,
wanting his attention.
My oldest came to me today and said that
"it is getting easier being a big brother,
but some days are rough."

I understand my son.
I pray that Mommy and Daddy continue
to understand and cut you some slack.
Just remember, we are new at this too.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


My little two square foot garden
is coming along.
Had a couple of setbacks, but still going strong.
Gardening is very new to me, so I am learning
as I go.
My tomato plants are full of green tomatoes.
I have a couple of varieties and looking
soooo forward to a fresh ripe tomato.
Mouth watering as I post this.
Little caterpillars also love my tomato plants.
Everyday I check, pick off if needed
and carry on.
Many have given suggestions for cures, but
most involve chemicals and that is a no
with my garden, a big no.
Beets are not taking, so pulled them up.
Oh well, I was the only one who was going to eat
them anyway.
Am I the only one who hates thinning?
Seems such a waste.
Really having to stay on top of watering.
Really hot.
Lots of blooms on my pea vines, hope
that is a good sign.
Not really sure what to expect there.
Like I said all is new.
Strawberries are being enjoyed by some
local wildlife I suppose.
Every time I see a strawberry forming,
before it has totally ripened,
gone it is.
Maybe a little chicken wire might help,
next season.
Planted some marigolds.
Heard they help with some pests.
If not, at least there will be some more color
to the garden.
I think that pretty much updates my
little garden.
I do love my little garden,
I really do.
Many blessings.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summertime is Creeping Upon Us

The temperatures are in the 90's, high humidity,
gardening, and the baby birds are among us.
Summertime is here early.
Swimming, playing in sprinklers, and going to the beach
are main activities.
With public school out, it can be a little
challenging getting "schooling" done.
Our Spring/Summer schedule consists mostly
of living experiences, but we
do like to continue with our math
and reading curriculum as much as possible.
One possible solution for us is to do our
math and reading in the early am, before neighborhood
children have finished their breakfast.
So far, this is working.
Another option is to do math and reading after
dinner at night.
But, I don't see that happening too often.
My oldest is tired by then.
So, we will stick with our first option.

Going to start having a story time in the afternoon
with my children and a couple of other children
who stay at our house
in the Summer for a few hours each day.
I am going to read the Little House series books.
This will be a repeat for my oldest.
We read them a few years ago.
Going to start with 15 minutes
and build from there.
Hoping, everyone enjoys this.
I know I will.

Well, I am off to buy some more sunscreen.
Going through a lot here.
But, that is okay with me.
Many blessings.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bedtime Routine

Nightly routine with the twins hardly ever changes.
Bath, pj's, milk, relax with family
starts the wind down to bed.
As the time approaches,
there is brushing teeth with Daddy's help.
Then at last the tuck in by both Daddy and Mommy
A nighttime song is sung by Mommy,
who often is joined by the sweetest little
A kiss good night.

With the oldest,
there is a little extra snuggle time with
Daddy and Mommy after the bath
and the twins are down.
A chapter of story or a little tv time.
Then a tuck in and storytelling,
done by the oldest.
A hug and a kiss goodnight.

Simple, no fuss.
Many blessings.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Magic Nuudles

We got out the Magic Nuudles yesterday
and let our imaginations soar.
Magic Nuddles are biodegradable building blocks.
My children love them.

The oldest loves to form all different
kinds of shapes.

The twins are happy just sticking them on card stock.

They are amazed when picking up the paper the nuddles
stay put.

All you need to get creating is a slightly damp paper towel
or a slightly damp rag.
I will be using rags soon. Smiles.

Creations look very nice in the kitchen window.
The oldest just looks up at them
and smiles.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Challenging Myself and My Family

I have been thinking about it a lot lately.
How can we reduce our trash?
Every Monday I see the trash collectors come
empty our full to the rim trash can.
I sigh when I look at all our trash.
What can we do to reduce our trash?
What can we do?
I have read a blog where the family had
only one bag of trash for the whole year!
The whole year!
Well, I am not thinking of that drastic of reduction
because I know I would be setting my family up
for failure.
But, I know we could greatly reduce our trash.
So back to thinking and wondering....

I think I might have our simple one/two change(s)
that might just do.
Wonder if we stop using paper towels and the twins
stop wearing diapers, and we stop using wipes?
Miss counted, 3 things.
Wonder how much doing these things
would reduce our trash each week?

We are going to give it a try.
For one month, no paper towels, no wipes,
and (gasp) no diapers.

When to start?
How about when we run out of paper towels,
wipes, and diapers?
Yes, that is when we will start.
Looking at my supply, this will happen soon.
This week.

What will we use instead?
Microfiber towels, old rags,
and "big" boy pants. Smiles.

Will let you know when we start--
Hubby is a little worried,
he loves his paper towels and wipes.

Now, off to start working on the twins. Another smile.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
Many Blessings.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Home School Conference

We went on our annual home school conference
trip this past weekend.
This was our third year.
The twins stayed with Grandma.
So, it was just Mommy, Daddy, and the oldest son.
He is 8 years old now.
My oldest enjoys the special weekend,
the conference always falls on his birthday weekend.
He participates in a children's program
while hubby and me get to pick and choose
from a variety of classes.

One class really sparked my interest,
The Struggling Reader.
I almost did not go because I thought it was
just one of those advertising classes trying
to sell their product.
And yes, they were advertising their product,
but that was not all.
It was a very informative class too.
The speaker and her husband are the developer.
They are experts, well educated in child education and reading.
They are also home school parents, a plus.
During her class, she went through the top five reasons for
reading struggles-
phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words,
fluency, and comprehension.
Phonemic awareness? Never heard of it?
Me either.
Instead of me fumbling through trying to explain it,
here is what the website
The Struggling Reader says, just click here.
The other 4 make sense too.
This was what I needed to hear.
My oldest struggles with his reading.
He is coming along, but slowly.
After this class, I think I have a better idea
of where to focus.
I would love to order all of their materials,
but they are a little pricey for our budget.
I do believe I will order the phonemic awareness test
because I believe that might be where
my son's weakness is.

One of the missions at the conference for my hubby and me was
to find a science curriculum for our son.
We both have science backgrounds
and were looking for something different
than what we used this past year.
My son enjoyed Apologia's Astronomy,
but he did not seem too interested in the others
they offer and really neither did we.
So, off we went on our hunt.
We found Real-Science-4-Kids and we were impressed.
The writer of these books has a biochemistry
background and is a home school parent.
My son is going to be taking chemistry, biology,
and physics this year...
the pre chemistry, pre biology, and pre phyics
that is.
I think my son will enjoy these.

At the used book sale I had fun.
Spent 30 dollars and got lots of good books.
I just love looking through books.
Was able to find most of our American and World history
books. Also, most of our language arts.

My son's biggest find was in the form of
duct tape.
He bought a duct tape sword and a CD
that gives instructions on how to make a
duct tape shield, spear, and helmet.
Yeah him.

My hubby always enjoys the Creation Ministries
talks and purchased a few books
for his reading pleasures.

We spent Sunday at a local park,
very enjoyable.
Looking forward to next year.
We are taking the twins.
Yeah us.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday

My oldest turned 8 years old today.
If only I could stop time.

I might consider doing it at this moment.

Not wanting things to change.

No, on second thought, I would not stop time.
I am enjoying watching the young man
you are growing up to be.
I love you.
Happy 8th Birthday.