Monday, May 10, 2010

Challenging Myself and My Family

I have been thinking about it a lot lately.
How can we reduce our trash?
Every Monday I see the trash collectors come
empty our full to the rim trash can.
I sigh when I look at all our trash.
What can we do to reduce our trash?
What can we do?
I have read a blog where the family had
only one bag of trash for the whole year!
The whole year!
Well, I am not thinking of that drastic of reduction
because I know I would be setting my family up
for failure.
But, I know we could greatly reduce our trash.
So back to thinking and wondering....

I think I might have our simple one/two change(s)
that might just do.
Wonder if we stop using paper towels and the twins
stop wearing diapers, and we stop using wipes?
Miss counted, 3 things.
Wonder how much doing these things
would reduce our trash each week?

We are going to give it a try.
For one month, no paper towels, no wipes,
and (gasp) no diapers.

When to start?
How about when we run out of paper towels,
wipes, and diapers?
Yes, that is when we will start.
Looking at my supply, this will happen soon.
This week.

What will we use instead?
Microfiber towels, old rags,
and "big" boy pants. Smiles.

Will let you know when we start--
Hubby is a little worried,
he loves his paper towels and wipes.

Now, off to start working on the twins. Another smile.


Hen Jen said...

oh wow, I don't know if I could be that brave! My dh family was pretty frugal, 7 kids-1 income, they never used paper towels and his mom washed and re-used the plastic baggies they used for packed lunches.

keep us updated on how this works out for you, very interested!

Nikki said...

How about starting a compost heap? That's what we did to reduce some waste. Just collect all your off cuts from fruit, veggies, egg shells in a container in the kitchen (one with a lid) and you throw it in the heap when it's full. We just use an old ice cream container for collecting and a big bin with large holes drilled into the sides for our compost bin. We used our first lot of compost in the garden this year! Promise it halves your rubbish and it's great for the veggie garden!