Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summertime is Creeping Upon Us

The temperatures are in the 90's, high humidity,
gardening, and the baby birds are among us.
Summertime is here early.
Swimming, playing in sprinklers, and going to the beach
are main activities.
With public school out, it can be a little
challenging getting "schooling" done.
Our Spring/Summer schedule consists mostly
of living experiences, but we
do like to continue with our math
and reading curriculum as much as possible.
One possible solution for us is to do our
math and reading in the early am, before neighborhood
children have finished their breakfast.
So far, this is working.
Another option is to do math and reading after
dinner at night.
But, I don't see that happening too often.
My oldest is tired by then.
So, we will stick with our first option.

Going to start having a story time in the afternoon
with my children and a couple of other children
who stay at our house
in the Summer for a few hours each day.
I am going to read the Little House series books.
This will be a repeat for my oldest.
We read them a few years ago.
Going to start with 15 minutes
and build from there.
Hoping, everyone enjoys this.
I know I will.

Well, I am off to buy some more sunscreen.
Going through a lot here.
But, that is okay with me.
Many blessings.

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