Monday, January 25, 2010

A Sunday Stroll on the Shore

Down a path to the shore.

Climbed on driftwood.

Observed and inspected washed up specimens.

Played in little found pouches of water.

Painted with a leaf.

Drawings done with a stick.

Finished with more climbing.

It was a lovely day for a stroll.
Many blessings.

Seasonal Tree Study- Winter

Here is an updated picture of our tree
we are observing this year.

With the recent cold snap we had this month,
all the leaves turned and fell.
What is left is a bare tree.

It is going to be fun watching little buds appear.
I think this will really catch my son's

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fresh Air

I love this image of a child surrounded by books.
The way the light enters is lovely.

Our term 3 is starting out slowly,
but right on target.
Lively slowly.

Our home school direction seems to be changing.
Not really sure were the path is leading.
Ambleside online doesn't seem to "fit" us anymore.
I found us tweaking a lot.
I guess I have known this for awhile.
When I first found AO, I thought this was an answer
to a prayer.
We tried, all books purchased, weekly outlines made.
We struggled.
We have tweaked so much that really all AO is to us
is a list of good books to choose from.

Though I am sad that AO is not working for us.
I am thankful that as a home schooling family,
we are able to seek and find what
does work for us.
I look at this as exciting.

Our rhythm, our balance seems to be finding us.
Our days are full.
Living slowly, learning at a natural pace,
seems to fit us fine.

We do not seem to "fit" fully into any certain
education philosophy.

So, I guess for now, we will define us as
nothing more than a
nature and book loving
Christian home school family.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Disney Marathon Countdown to Number Four

Six days till Disney marathon.
Highs around 59 degrees and sunny.
Perfect running conditions.
A little chilly at the start...30's,
layering a must.
That reminds me....
pack trash bags. LOL!
Fun, fun, fun.