Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankfulness Through Disappointment

"There is unwavering peace today…

when an uncertain tomorrow…

is trusted to an unchanging God." 

 Thankful for my heavenly Father. Found this quote this morning.
 It says it all... After all the dust is settled from last night, this comforts me.
 I will pray for our country.
 It is a country divided and the election last night spoke this in volumes.
 I will pray for our leaders.
 May they work on bridging that divide.
 I will pray, I will pray...



It is only the 7th of the month and so much as happened.
Here are my first six days of thankfulness:

1)thankful for the sounds of little feet running with the hopes to get a morning snuggle with Daddy. thankful for organ donors and their families. What a precious gift.

  2)thankful for organ donors and their families. What a precious gift. 
3) thankful for first responders. What a difficult, tireless, heart wrenching, thankless job. Bless you. 
4) Thankful for all the giggles after burps and "passing gas" of little boys, my little boys. 
5) Thankful for Dad's heated pool! 
6)Thankful for the right to vote.

Many blessings