Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sharing a Fort With Friends

The first of the year, my hubby and I took
some of the children's friends
to one of the many Forts
we frequent.
We were surprised to learn
they have never been.
They were delighted and enjoyed it all.
Got to love home schooling
where field trips make history come alive!

Admiring some of the big cannons.

My oldest trying to give a stern soldier face.

The twins goofing around at the outside toilets.

No electricity, candles for lighting.

A small opening to place a rifle if needed to
defend the fort.

Simple furnishings.

Yes, fun was had by all.
Many blessings.

One Word Resolution for 2012

One word,
no resolutions, just one simple word.




to breathe in
to take in eagerly

Again, like last year, inhale choose me.
This one word says a lot to me.
It transcends in me what I want to
feel and do this year of 2012.

The more I say this word,
the more I am concreted to it.

I want to
Inhale my Lord and Saviour,

Inhale my family,

Inhale every day slowly.

Inhale seems like a unusual word to be a resolution word,
but to me it is complete.


What is your word for the year?
Find some inspiration here.