Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oldest first 5K, a RAD run

 My oldest wanted to run a 5K with me.

 He had fun and looks forward to the next one.

He and his buddy ran a fast 5K.
This mommy was impressed.

Pizza Night

 When I am off at work, Daddy always plans a 
special dinner for the boys.
Tonight, homemade pizza.

 Spreading the sauce and cheese.

 Lots of cheese.

 Sampling the cheese...

...and sampling...
 ...and sampling...

I was told the pizzas turned out yummy.

Another Florida Fort

 Off to another Fort we go.

 We love forts.
Does not matter the size.

 The history behind this one was interesting.


 Cannons, always love the cannons.

 Those beds look real comfy...not!

 Boys had a blast.  Had to ride a boat to get to the fort.

Yes, we love going to forts. 
Next time, I will make sure hubby is in photo too.
He is our photo man, smiles.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lego Competition January 2013

 Mommy and son listening to rules.

 Just a few Lego competitors.

 And away he goes.


Well done.
And lots of fun.
Learned a lot.
Maybe next year we might plan what we are going to build instead
of flying by the seat of our pants...
or maybe not.