Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garden Update

I have truly enjoyed my little garden.
I have two square gardens.
This is a picture of one on 4/12/10.

Here is the same square on 4/27/10.
The empty squares either have not been planted yet or
the seeds have not sprouted yet.
See, I did not plant in every square at the same time.
This way, I will have a continuous harvest throughout
the Spring/Summer.

This is a picture of the other square on 4/12/10

Here it is on 4/27/10.
The third square in column one is empty because
I just picked the radishes.
I have more radishes sprouting already.
Too fun.

Here are some of my beautiful radishes.
Had a yummy cream cheese and radish sandwich for lunch.
So far, soooo good.
Happy gardening.

P.S.- I have noted the dates of my after pictures
say 1/1/06, will need to fix that.
They really were taken 4/27/10.
1/1/06- was less than a month after the twins were
born. Sure wasn't out gardening then. Smiles.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Writing Yearly Progress Report

I am currently gathering together all my notes
and schoolwork of my oldest
so I can write a yearly progress/summary of his year.
This is my first time.
I did not write one for his kindergarten year.
Why? I thought it was silly so I did not.
I did keep samples of his work and my notes though.
But, for his first grade year,
I know I need too.

So, here I am gathering and looking through.
I had told myself at the beginning of the school year
that I would write a summary at the
completion of each semester.
That way, all I would have to do at the end
of year is summarize those 3 summaries.
I did not, so here I am gathering and looking through.
Not happy.
I hate doing something because I am told too.
I am stubborn that way.
I do not have to turn the yearly progress report in,
just keep it for my records, just in case.
Just in case what?
I get that knock at the door from Social Services?
Yes, that is exactly why I am writing it
because the powers to be might
knock on my door and question my home school.
Does that scare me?
But, why?
I know I am giving my child a well
rounded education.
He would not get that one on one that he thrives on
at any public institution.
So, why worry?
Just do.
So, here I am gathering and looking through.

I hope I remember this when next year comes around.
Remember to write those semester summaries.
Then, I won't vent in such a way.
I am enjoying looking through,
looking at all the growth that my son
has done.
Just want to do it because I want to
and not because I have to.
Hope everyone yearly progress reports
are going or will go easily.
Maybe you are more prepared.
Many blessings.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Spring can be tough for homeschoolers.
The "school" year is in wind down mode and
burn out can happen to both the children and the mother/father.
I love Spring, but have noticed my oldest
is not in a "school" mood lately.
I decided to shake things up a bit.
"School" will be a little different til Fall.
I think Spring is a refreshing time,
a time to just set back and smell the roses. Smiles.
This is what our "school" will look like this Spring and Summer.
As a update, we have completed our 3 terms of "school".
The months of April and May are review months for us
with Summer being our living school days.
Any way, this is what our Spring and Summer "schooling"
will look like.
We will do field trips to more forts and other historical places.
We will talk about our garden while
planting seeds. We will discuss volcanoes while we build
a model one with mud. We will get a magnify glass out and
lay on the grass and talk about everything we see.
We will look at the stars and search for planets.
We will write stories of our imagination, with illustrations.
We will talk about the parts of flowers while
we press some for future use.
We will bake together, measuring ingredients accurately.
We will paint and explore different textures.
We will read many, many books of my son's choosing.
We will, etc.etc...

Let's see...
we have science, nature, history,
math, reading, and handwriting.
I think we have everything covered.

If you are noticing burn out signs in yourself or your children,
try mixing it up.
Get outside and enjoy this glorious Spring.
Many blessings.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun at the Beach

My children love the beach.
We go as much as we can.

The twins are sand playing boys, no water for them, yet.

My oldest loves the water, even when it turns his
lips purple.

But, he also loves digging holes and building castles
with his younger brothers too.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seeds Are Sprouting

Early one morning.

By midday, this greeted us.

You could actually watch as they emerged, amazing.

Of course, we needed to record our findings in our
garden journal.

So far, it has been a joy, fun to garden in our
two little square foot gardens.
Hubby is going to Lowe's' to get what he needs
to build supports for the beans,
cucumbers, and tomatoes.
I am hungry for some fresh veggies now.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcoming My Brother Home

Happy, happy day.

The last of the 48th arriving.
The 48th started coming home in March.
This is the last bunch.

No words need to said here.

The look on my brother's oldest son
tells that it is not only the soldiers themselves
that sacrifice.

A family whole again.
Welcome home brother.

It was 5pm and we were finding our way to the welcoming field
on Fort Stewart, we were running late,
when all traffic was stopped...
then a bugle was heard playing,
men and women getting out of their cars standing,
a flag lowering...
It was a beautiful, amazing sight.
I know this happens every day on every military
base of the U.S.A,
but, to witness it this day,
at that moment,
left me in awe.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shells and Imagination

We have a huge collection of shells.
One of the blessings of living on the coast. Smiles.
What do you do with all these found treasures?

Let your imagination soar.
My oldest did.
With the help of Elmer's glue and wiggle eyes,
he made these.

tip: use lots and lots of glue or if child is old enough, hot glue gun will do.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Our Easter Tree.

The children prior to the "egg" hunt.

Later, took the boys for some refreshing swimming
at Grandpa's.

Hope all had a joyous Easter.
Many blessings.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Boys

Here are the boys with Daddy
at a recent trip to a Fort.
I have been asked many times
"Are you going to try for a girl?"
I simply say that
I have been blessed with 3 boys
and I am happy.
I love having boys.
I love the energy, the non-stop energy
they have from wake up to crashing at night.
Did I say I love dirt?
With boys the more dirt involved the better.
There is a "Mommy" toilet in our house,
Mommy does not want to fall in it or sit on it.
I love the tender snuggle moments with each boy.
All three of the boys are different, sooo different.
And I love all those differences.
I treasure all those differences.
Mommy loves her boys.
Hubby is not so bad himself.

Many blessings