Friday, April 2, 2010

The Boys

Here are the boys with Daddy
at a recent trip to a Fort.
I have been asked many times
"Are you going to try for a girl?"
I simply say that
I have been blessed with 3 boys
and I am happy.
I love having boys.
I love the energy, the non-stop energy
they have from wake up to crashing at night.
Did I say I love dirt?
With boys the more dirt involved the better.
There is a "Mommy" toilet in our house,
Mommy does not want to fall in it or sit on it.
I love the tender snuggle moments with each boy.
All three of the boys are different, sooo different.
And I love all those differences.
I treasure all those differences.
Mommy loves her boys.
Hubby is not so bad himself.

Many blessings


Mamawild said...

This is so sweet. Yes, even the part about the "mommy toilet". LOL : ) We must live very near each other, because we go to the same zoo I believe, and driftwood beach looks the same, an we are familiar with all of the same forts. Small world, huh? Have an awesome time with all of you little men...the big one too. : )

homeschooling mom of 4 said...


Haven't visited in a while. I really like this post. I also have only boys (4) and get asked the same. I think that I am blessed. Mud, messes and all! :) It is about the same for the toilet here. They don't typically use mine and I don't want to use theirs! LOL They are each their own unique jewel.