Monday, April 26, 2010

Writing Yearly Progress Report

I am currently gathering together all my notes
and schoolwork of my oldest
so I can write a yearly progress/summary of his year.
This is my first time.
I did not write one for his kindergarten year.
Why? I thought it was silly so I did not.
I did keep samples of his work and my notes though.
But, for his first grade year,
I know I need too.

So, here I am gathering and looking through.
I had told myself at the beginning of the school year
that I would write a summary at the
completion of each semester.
That way, all I would have to do at the end
of year is summarize those 3 summaries.
I did not, so here I am gathering and looking through.
Not happy.
I hate doing something because I am told too.
I am stubborn that way.
I do not have to turn the yearly progress report in,
just keep it for my records, just in case.
Just in case what?
I get that knock at the door from Social Services?
Yes, that is exactly why I am writing it
because the powers to be might
knock on my door and question my home school.
Does that scare me?
But, why?
I know I am giving my child a well
rounded education.
He would not get that one on one that he thrives on
at any public institution.
So, why worry?
Just do.
So, here I am gathering and looking through.

I hope I remember this when next year comes around.
Remember to write those semester summaries.
Then, I won't vent in such a way.
I am enjoying looking through,
looking at all the growth that my son
has done.
Just want to do it because I want to
and not because I have to.
Hope everyone yearly progress reports
are going or will go easily.
Maybe you are more prepared.
Many blessings.

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Lanaya said...

We have to keep a portfolio and also take a test at the end of the school year here in Florida (there are some other options besides the test, but the test seems easiest). I'm kind of glad to have the test because I like to see how my daughter is doing in comparison to others. It lets me know if we're on the right track even though I don't really consider a public education the right track for my kids. I like my track. :-) But I guess those comparisons can give you a good feeling about the job you're doing.