Sunday, April 18, 2010


Spring can be tough for homeschoolers.
The "school" year is in wind down mode and
burn out can happen to both the children and the mother/father.
I love Spring, but have noticed my oldest
is not in a "school" mood lately.
I decided to shake things up a bit.
"School" will be a little different til Fall.
I think Spring is a refreshing time,
a time to just set back and smell the roses. Smiles.
This is what our "school" will look like this Spring and Summer.
As a update, we have completed our 3 terms of "school".
The months of April and May are review months for us
with Summer being our living school days.
Any way, this is what our Spring and Summer "schooling"
will look like.
We will do field trips to more forts and other historical places.
We will talk about our garden while
planting seeds. We will discuss volcanoes while we build
a model one with mud. We will get a magnify glass out and
lay on the grass and talk about everything we see.
We will look at the stars and search for planets.
We will write stories of our imagination, with illustrations.
We will talk about the parts of flowers while
we press some for future use.
We will bake together, measuring ingredients accurately.
We will paint and explore different textures.
We will read many, many books of my son's choosing.
We will, etc.etc...

Let's see...
we have science, nature, history,
math, reading, and handwriting.
I think we have everything covered.

If you are noticing burn out signs in yourself or your children,
try mixing it up.
Get outside and enjoy this glorious Spring.
Many blessings.


Nikki said...

Sounds wonderful! We're heading into winter here-the rainy days are starting so I'm going to have to think of lots to do inside!

Jill said...

oh, your summer sounds heavenly!! I need to take your lead and have a "living summer"!