Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our advent

and our favorite tree.

A tree full of handmade treasures
of this year and years past.

Many blessings.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas 2011

Front door.

A side door.

A little of this

and all about this.

Many blessings.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nature Study

Nothing like exploring some wetlands.

No telling what you might find.

A little sticking fishing with friends.
No telling what you might catch.

Thankfully, not a gator.
Many blessings.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Handprint Art- Thanksgiving

A little late, but wanted to share our little
Mayflower ships.

Many blessings.

A Fort Revisited

On our way home from Disney,
we stopped by a little old fort
in St. Augustine.
This fort is like an old friend.
We visit a lot.

Because there is many cannons
has nothing to do with it.

My oldest comes with his own sound effects.

And commands his brothers in the firing.

Twins First Visit to Disney

Sitting on the monorail with no clue
to what awaits.
The excitement is building.
Big brother has told stories
of past fun.

Getting closer.
Magic Kingdom is right ahead.

We are here at last.

Big brother showed us the ropes.

We had a blast at Disney and looking forward
to future visits.

Many blessings.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Admiration for Big Brother

There is no doubt how this little brother feels
about his big brother.
Love, love this picture.

Thoughts of Thanksgiving

As this Thanksgiving comes upon us,
I am amazed as to how quickly it is skipped over
by many.
On November 1st, two of the major radio stations
here started playing Christmas music 24/7.
Stores and communities started putting up Christmas
Many of our neighbors have their trees up and lights on.
It seems the minute Halloween was over the Christmas
rush was on.
This year many retailers are opening their doors on
Thanksgiving day.
It is really sad.

Thanksgiving time is my favorite time of the year.
It is a time of giving thanks
for even the smallest of blessings, say
shoes, food, and running water.
There are so many who are without these simplest
of things.
In years past I have blogged about giving
30 days of thanks.
And though I did not blog about it this year,
my 30 days of thanks was done
My family read books and talked about
Thanksgiving and its meaning in our
morning circle time.
We colored, pasted, and hand printed
our Thanksgiving crafts.
We will spend Thanksgiving with family,
eating plenty and visiting, watching the children
play and giggle.
We are not skipping this Thanksgiving or
any other.
It is that important to us.
We will cherish each and every one.
Many blessings.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rocket Boys

We tried what we pinned.
Discovered Pinterest a month ago
and fell in love.

Spotted play rockets someone made for
their young boys
and knew my younger boys would enjoy
them too.

So, we gave it a try...

Turned out great.

They were simple to make.

And easy to wear.

They were the hit of their Halloween parties.

Go here for the original idea.
They have instructions that are clear and easy
to follow. We made only slight changes in making ours.
We used the silver shiny wide tape. We used 2 liter empty
coke bottles, and plastic cheap table cloth cut into strips
for the flames.

Have fun.

Rocket Boys Part 2

Still having a blast with our rockets.

We fly so fast.
We fly so high.

You could not catch us if you tried.
We so fast!

Again, original idea found here.

More October Memories

Smiling inside watching my children
being in awe.
How blessed are we who get to be honored
in raising up children.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Brother

Yes, Big Brother I am.

But, also I am me.
Not wanting to be always known
as the Big Brother.

I am a Lego loving, artist creating, and
future award winning writer.
And that is just the beginning.

Just so you know...

Sharing Photos of the Twins

Climbers they are.

Buddies...most of the time.

Fearless with endless smiles.

Forever curious, engineer in training.

October Corn Maze

October just flew by.
Still can not believe it is November.
Have not been able to stop and blog,
living too much.
But, do love to share with family and friends
what we have been up about doing.

Early October always finds us at a corn maze/ pumpkin
patch or two.

Had beautiful weather.

Picking a pumpkin is fun for all.

Looking for that special little pumpkin.

Feeding animals.

Petting animals.

It was a good day.
Many blessings.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Term One Update

My son has excelled, especially
these last few weeks.
He had been frustrated with his reading
and math skills,
shying away from boys in his Cub Scouts
because he felt he was not as smart
as them.
Of course, we reassured him this is not
the case.
But, he has been quite the challenge
everyday with his school work.
So, my husband and I had a meeting with
our 9yr and we talked "school".
It was a come to Jesus meeting for my 9yr.
The three of us discussed goals for
the end of the calendar year.
We formulated a plan.
Thus, the concentration on
language arts and math.

It has made all the difference in the world.

Many blessings.