Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thoughts of Thanksgiving

As this Thanksgiving comes upon us,
I am amazed as to how quickly it is skipped over
by many.
On November 1st, two of the major radio stations
here started playing Christmas music 24/7.
Stores and communities started putting up Christmas
Many of our neighbors have their trees up and lights on.
It seems the minute Halloween was over the Christmas
rush was on.
This year many retailers are opening their doors on
Thanksgiving day.
It is really sad.

Thanksgiving time is my favorite time of the year.
It is a time of giving thanks
for even the smallest of blessings, say
shoes, food, and running water.
There are so many who are without these simplest
of things.
In years past I have blogged about giving
30 days of thanks.
And though I did not blog about it this year,
my 30 days of thanks was done
My family read books and talked about
Thanksgiving and its meaning in our
morning circle time.
We colored, pasted, and hand printed
our Thanksgiving crafts.
We will spend Thanksgiving with family,
eating plenty and visiting, watching the children
play and giggle.
We are not skipping this Thanksgiving or
any other.
It is that important to us.
We will cherish each and every one.
Many blessings.

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