Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Brother

He always comes along and looks out for us.

Rides rides with us.

Slides with us.

Always right there.

Wonder if he really knows how much we love
our Big Brother.

Staying Clean

Mommy is not raising any couch potatoes.
Our hands seldom stay clean.
Hand sanitizer?
A soapy bath and a good scrub brush for us
before dinner.

 Nothing like a little water mixed with dirt, a few buckets, and a shovel.
Nothing expensive, nothing complicated.

 Oh, the places we go and the things we build.
Nothing impossible.
No limits.

Our imaginations soar.

Good clean fun.

Many blessings.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Small Home Garden

Our blog has been neglected somewhat
and that saddens me.
I look at our family blog as a family journal.
One to share with family and friends.
I love to look back and remember...
many happy memories.

So, starting afresh and a
little catching up to do.

These pictures are from the first of March.

We are finally planting our little home garden.
Still need to build a fence and many
buckets to fill.
But, all the seeds are in the ground this day.

 We were a little late in planting our seeds.
All gathered around with seeds in hand.

Placing our seeds carefully and covering with dirt.
Then a little pat.

All do their squares.
Looking forward to some yummy fresh veggies.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

After A Game

After playing a hard, hot, tiring game of soccer
we like go to the marsh by the fields.
We talk soccer, of course.

We talk frogs and alligators.

We talk fish, mud, and sticks.

We talk about our future plans...

Sometimes we don't talk at all.

Many blessings
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"Soccer Man"

"Soccer Man", I am. 
Nobody can catch me.
I am fast as lightning.
I have a one track mind.
Ball to the goal.
It does not matter which goal,
any goal will do.

Come on I am ready for you
I am
"Soccer Man!"