Friday, September 28, 2012

First Lego Building Competition

This past summer, the twins competed in a Lego building
The competition was tough, smiles.
The boys had fun.

 They both brought a bag of Legos.

 They are off!
Building and building.

 Blue eyed was done first.
A small spaceship.

 My engineer in training had other plans...
big plans...with many details.

They lost to a girl!
To a girl!
Oh! What is the world coming too?!?

Saying Bye to Pre School

I have been sooo behind with our family blog.
Finally decided to sit down and update.
So, doing a little back tracking.
Love looking back at these pictures.
Time surely does fly.

 The boys wonderful teachers.
 Counting down the days...3


and last day.
Boo hoo.
We loved Happy Apple.
Many happy memories.