Sunday, June 29, 2008

Computers, Enough Said

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This is how I have felt over the last week or so concerning my computer skills. You see, I have been attempting to put our school schedule into the computer. I have been attempting to make pages so all I have to do is print up our schedule for the week. Well, three times after spending hours of inputting data, my computer or I did something to the computer, and lost everything. All I have left is a blank screen. My husband tried many times to retrieve the data, no luck. I must have hit the delete button and forgot to save as I went. Didn't know I could. My loving husband has come to my rescue and is going to design a program with features I want. Thank you God, for giving me a husband who know computers.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Pleasant Afternoon with Family

Last Sunday a few family came over for a baby shower for one of my sisters. All of my mother's sisters came. Of course that called for baking Big Momma's lemon cheese cake. Cupcakes with sour creme frosting, special peach punch, bake brie with raspberries and pecans, chicken salad scooped on lettuce leaves, and a leaning tower of diapers. These things were nice. But spending time together over a joyous occasion, priceless.
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A Love of Big Brother's Things

Looky, looky what do I see,

but big brother's cowboys staring at me.

I'll move one this way, he won't mind.

Maybe not this time, we will see.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wonderment of boyhood

"Battle stations!"

"Approaching enemy lands!"

What imagination!
Our 6 yr old ds can spend hours building and destroying. What fun, and no tv.

Morning gifts

Quietly.... to take a little peek
Good morning little ones.

A few weeks ago I went to throw away this spent basket and saw a small nest with four little eggs. So when I am asked about that hanging basket of dead flowers, I tell them there is much life still in that basket.

Cleaning Essentials

White vinegar, water, and lemon oil- main cleaning ingredients at our house. Lemon oil is added for a scent of lemons, but not necessary. Cheap and no harmful chemicals for little ones. Cleans wonderfully too.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Awakened to a renewed Spirit

I took alot of time yesterday evening praying. I woke this morning with a lightened heart and shoulders. I know I am a blessed child of God.
We will stay home today. The kids and I will just stay home and play. Many errands to do outside the home, many phone calls needing to be made, but today none will be done. The kids spent the morning playing. My oldest had a friend over and they played with the trains. The babies played with everything. I decided to start on my decluttering and simplifying our house, one baby step at a time. Nothing big today. I stopped often to play with the kids or a have a pleasant social conversation with a neighbor. Today was the laundry room and the mud room. Laundry was put up and one load started, countertops cleared and wiped down, removing everything that does not belong in the laundry or the mudroom and putting it up. Then I mopped. There that is done. Took about an hour, but that was because of the many "breaks" I took. Now,I hear a nice glass of lemonade calling my name.
I think this afternoon will be coloring time and maybe a good book with the kids. Dinner will be light, cheese pasta and a veggie with banana pudding for dessert. Yummy.
Maybe, we might repeat today tomorrow. Maybe I will start on the pantry. Maybe.
I think making that D- was a blessing after all.
"Follow Him."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Simplicity progress report D-

Yes that is right D-. And that is with extra credit. I talked in May about wanting to slow down and simplifying my life. Well, it did not happen. This past month has been busy, busy, busy. I am spinning so much that I get dizzy. I am praying to God to show me how to slow down, guide me. I think my problem has been that I have not been listening. This has been weighing heavy on me, especially of late. I need to focus on where God is leading me. "Follow me." I pray to God that I follow no matter where it leads. Even if it means making the hard decisions and getting out of my comfort zone. Simplifying might be as simple as that.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Father's Day Approaching

I was feeling down and lonely.....

Then I saw you Daddy.

Architect in training

Build it up brick by brick...

Celebrate ...

Then take it back down to start anew.

Big Boys

Time is moving tooo fast. Slow down boys, Mommy and Daddy don't want to miss a second.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer heat, humidity, and illness

Summer is here and so is our family's friend, the summer cold. This time he brought buddies. Both the twins have ear infections, one of the twins has strep, and both have yucky cold symptoms with a croupy cough. My 6 yr old son and Daddy have just the yucky cold. Mommy feels run down. So, we have welcomed the summer with a bang. Hopefully, we do not spend the whole summer sharing back and forth.