Sunday, June 29, 2008

Computers, Enough Said

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This is how I have felt over the last week or so concerning my computer skills. You see, I have been attempting to put our school schedule into the computer. I have been attempting to make pages so all I have to do is print up our schedule for the week. Well, three times after spending hours of inputting data, my computer or I did something to the computer, and lost everything. All I have left is a blank screen. My husband tried many times to retrieve the data, no luck. I must have hit the delete button and forgot to save as I went. Didn't know I could. My loving husband has come to my rescue and is going to design a program with features I want. Thank you God, for giving me a husband who know computers.


Jenny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Aren't computers frustrating?! That's how I felt the other night. My computer was acting up for a while. Then all was well. Don't know what I did but my computer decided to start behaving itself. Go figure? Again, thanks for stopping by. Hope you come by again.


Jenny in Ca said...

how very cool of your husband! I am a computer klutz, so I totally sympathize with you. I spent all day (in between getting up and down to care for the kids, meals, what-not...) entering in all the chapters and pages for a workbook in this online homeschool scheduler program, and then deleted it.


you must share the details when you dh is finished with it, so we can drool...

MrsD/Jacque said...

I enjoyed reading through your recent posts. This one, in particular, rings a bell in me. :)
I found you on Lindafay's blog.