Monday, June 16, 2008

Awakened to a renewed Spirit

I took alot of time yesterday evening praying. I woke this morning with a lightened heart and shoulders. I know I am a blessed child of God.
We will stay home today. The kids and I will just stay home and play. Many errands to do outside the home, many phone calls needing to be made, but today none will be done. The kids spent the morning playing. My oldest had a friend over and they played with the trains. The babies played with everything. I decided to start on my decluttering and simplifying our house, one baby step at a time. Nothing big today. I stopped often to play with the kids or a have a pleasant social conversation with a neighbor. Today was the laundry room and the mud room. Laundry was put up and one load started, countertops cleared and wiped down, removing everything that does not belong in the laundry or the mudroom and putting it up. Then I mopped. There that is done. Took about an hour, but that was because of the many "breaks" I took. Now,I hear a nice glass of lemonade calling my name.
I think this afternoon will be coloring time and maybe a good book with the kids. Dinner will be light, cheese pasta and a veggie with banana pudding for dessert. Yummy.
Maybe, we might repeat today tomorrow. Maybe I will start on the pantry. Maybe.
I think making that D- was a blessing after all.
"Follow Him."

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Jenny in Ca said...

I think you had a genius moment there. Sounds like a really, really nice day.

Now I'm craving some lemonade...