Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tough Being The Oldest

My oldest is 8 years old. He has two younger brothers- 3 year old twins.
It is tough being the oldest.
Much is expected out of you.

Younger siblings want to do everything you do.
Go everywhere you go.
They look up to you.
That can be a lot of pressure for a 8 year old.

As a parent, I often forget that my "big boy"
is still little too.
I know I am tough on him.
He is to understand that the twins will get
into his room and mess things up, even that treasured lego
ship you have worked hard on.
He is to understand if they draw on his masterpiece drawing.
He is expected not to get mad, not to cry,
but to toughen up and take it.

Then I see my oldest asking his younger brothers
to come in his room and play.
The smiles and giggles that are heard from the little ones.
They so love their big brother.
Often running around the house calling his name,
wanting his attention.
My oldest came to me today and said that
"it is getting easier being a big brother,
but some days are rough."

I understand my son.
I pray that Mommy and Daddy continue
to understand and cut you some slack.
Just remember, we are new at this too.


Nikki Olivier said...

This was such a sweet post! Reminds me a lot of feelings I have with our little girl and her shadow brother following her everywhere! They're tough lessons to learn for a child-but the sweet sharing and caring moments make up for it!

Eveline said...

Thanks for this post! It reminds me to understand our daughter's feeling. I expect a lot from her. I have to keep reminding myself that she's only 6.