Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Fun

Got out the play dough for the twins yesterday.
My oldest joined in too.
It had been awhile....

Forgot about how much the kids love any kind of dough.
For my oldest, it is modeling clay he loves.
But, for the twins anything they can freely
smash, squeeze, mix, and form will do.
I like to make our own play dough,
but if there is not time,
bought play dough works just fine.

Friendly play dough monsters was the theme
this go around.

Each making their own.

My oldest kept his intact for a few days....
the twins, well....
we now own a lot of grayish, purplish play dough.
No worries.

Many blessings.

1 comment:

Mamawild said...

This looks like a great day. : ) I think it must be something about getting older with the clay, something a little more permanent, like they want something to show for their work. Mine are the same way. Blessing to you. : )