Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Tonight as my hubby and I sat and watched the election results, I started to ponder.
What will the next few years have in store? Better yet what will the next few months have in store? This country is very polarized and has been for awhile. What is next? I pray our next President looks to God for strength and guidance. I shall pray for our President often. I should be cleaning out my closet and pantry. I have three books just waiting for me to read them, why am I watching TV? What will we do for outside time tomorrow? Need to pick the kids clothes out for tomorrow. Need to run tomorrow. Marathon is only two months away. Need new running shoes. Christmas stockings need to be made. Halloween decorations need to be put up in the attic.
Much on the mind, many pondering thoughts. I predict little sleep tonight. TV is off and will stay off. No more news, no more politics, we are done, through, fried. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe counting sheep will work. Good night. Many blessings.

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Jenny in Ca said...

we turned out tv off a few minutes ago, but we will turn it on at 10 pm, since that is when the returns for California will start to come in.