Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hooked on Forts, Yes We Are.

Castillo de San Marcos
in St. Augustine Florida.

We went on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Which also meant some crowds.
This castle is the largest, most well known,
and the oldest of the three we have toured.
Probably my least favorite,
but that is because the surroundings
seemed a little too touristy for me.
But, we enjoyed it just the same.

Here is an inside corner,
all openings lead to soldiers dwellings,
storage areas, etc.

The children looking a an iron replica of the fort.

Lots to read, very interesting.

The children loved looking at the artifacts.

And of course, there were cannons.

Loving the cannons.

Not one cannon went unobserved.


All in all a lovely day.
Next fort is Fort Matanzas.
A ferry ride to get to this one.
Looking forward to it.
Many blessings.


Nikki said...

The forts look amazing! I know my kids would love them too, especially the cannons. Looks like we're doing the same thing-visiting places of interest. It's such a great way to expose them to a wealth of info. I actually think it's a way of doing Nature Study-ok it's not nature, but you're doing so much which was intended through NS. Eg. seeing differences between cannons/forts/weapons etc. Blessings, Nikki

Nikki said...

P.s sorry I wanted to add that it's very difficult to see your archives lists and even where to click on for a comment-only way I found it was by rolling my mouse over the screen. The colour is very light.

Blessed Mommy said...

Thanks Nikki- fixing that now.

Diane said...

In the early part of our marriage we lived in Jacksonville. Loved going to St. Augustine for the day on alot of weekends, only 45 minutes away. Went to that Fort many times and through the old town of St. Augustine area. Haven't been back in probably 15 years. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Christine said...

I can see why! What fun!

Michelle said...

What a great place to live with all the forts near you. When were were in Florida, we could have just had school on the beach examining all the sea creatures and things on the beach.