Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is Happening to Thanksgiving?

Feeling a little sorry for Thanksgiving.

Had to get treat bags for a Thanksgiving party
the twins were going to and...
Well, everywhere is decorated for Christmas.
It went from Halloween straight to Christmas!
What about Thanksgiving?
It is the most traveled holiday.
People gather with their families and loved ones
and give thanks.
The wonderful recipes and the aromas...
I love Fall and all this season offers.
I refuse to rush it on its way.
I may the only one with pumpkins, scarecrows,
and finger-painted turkeys hanging up,
but I will not succumb.

I am thankful to our Lord for so many blessings.
And I will take the time to thank

Sorry for the vent, but well....


DeeJay said...

I agree!! Its like Thanksgiving was totally skipped this year!! Dont get me wrong, I love Christmas, but you cant forget about Turkey Day :)

Mrs Adept said...

It's a sad day when they forget Thanksgiving.