Friday, January 7, 2011

Five, That Is Us

Monday, our holidays truly come to a close.
My husband had taken an extra week off after
the holidays to do nothing, to relax.
We have really been soaking up the family time
with just our little five.
It will be sad to let it go.
To my husband and I family being together is important.
Just the five of us.
We have family dinners.
We go on family bike rides,
even shopping for groceries together.
We enjoy being around each other.
We have been sleeping in, snuggling on the couch,
building train tracks, out door playing,and lots of giggles.
This is my little slice of heaven.
After Monday we will still do these,
but duty does call, bills must be paid, smiles.
We will still have our afternoons, evenings, and weekends
to look forward to.
Many blessings

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