Monday, May 9, 2011

Blogging Break and Random Thoughts

Taking a little blogging break to renew and refresh.
This time of year can be draining.
Everything is winding down,
the Spring term and year, soccer, co-op,
etc., etc., etc....

Had a lovely Easter with family and friends.
Easter came this year so quickly for me,
that I was not able to do a study with the children
as I had wanted.
Next year hopefully I will.

A little drama happened with my oldest soccer team
resulting in the coach quitting
with just 2 games left.
Some things I will never understand.
This was sudden and caught many of us
off guard.
The drama involved just a few parents
and the coach.
Again some things I will never understand.
Thankfully, the assistant coach stepped right in
and took the lead.
Looks like the kids will end on a positive note
after all.
On the other hand, the twins soccer season
has been a delight.
They have really come a long way.

The garden is coming along. The tomato plants
are full of green tomatoes,
have been harvesting beans for over a week now,
herbs everywhere, just a few cucumbers,
and the corn stalks have several corn forming.
Carrots and onions not so good.
Learning what does best in our environment.
Learning as we go.
Enjoying our little garden.
Have plans to expand once again next year.

Beginning in late Spring, I start
to look back at our home school year.
What worked and what did not.
What needs tweaking.
And it it is time to start looking at plans for
the next home school year.
My oldest will be a third grader,
so more formal schooling is in order.
What I mean by formal is not seat in your desk formal,
but a more widened exposure to academics,
home school style.
There will be more concentration on
language arts, spelling, and writing.
History will not be just read aloud by me,
we will both share in the reading.
And in science, there will be a little
chemistry and physics, oh my.
Still will be lots of nature study
and outdoor time, and living math in the mix.
With 2 years of home schooling under our belt,
we are slowly learning what works best for us.
I am sure there will be tweaking along the
way, but that is the joy of home schooling.
If it does not work, drop it.
It is that simple.
Took me half our first year to learn that.
Many blessings.

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