Monday, October 1, 2012

The Blurr of September

“. . . the autumn days, so sober and calm,
Steeped in a dreamy haze,
When the uplands all with harvests shine,
And we drink the wind like a fine cool wine--
Ah, those are the best of days!”
-- Richard Henry Stoddard, American poet

Where has the time gone?
September seems like a blink in time.

We started our homeschool September 4th.
We started later than we have in years past.
And I am glad we did.
Waiting til the day after Labor Day gave us
time to relax and start slowly.
The public schools around our home started
the second week of August
and I have always felt pressured to start then too.
But, this year was different.
We broke that tie.
We did our own thing.
We spent to rest of August enjoying
our summer with swimming, playing, and beach going.
When September 4th came around,
we were ready and joyful to start.
This was my first year teaching all 3 of my boys.
I was and still am nervous about it.
But, as each day passes, it is getting easier.
We are finding our way,
establishing our rhythm.

And now...October is upon us.
And we love October.
 Many blessings.

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