Friday, May 23, 2008

Schedule for 2008/2009 Homeschool

This is what I have so far. I have spent many months getting books together and working on a schedule that I think will work for our family and especially for my 6 yr ds. Let us not forget the twins, my 18 month old little darlings who do factor in when it comes to homeschooling. I am following Ambleside online year 1 schedule of readings, many thanks to the writers of this lovely curriculum. Also, I am using Simply Charlotte Mason for memory verse.
Here it is:
Memory verse- Simply Charlotte Mason
Hymn/Praise song- Hymn's for a Kid's Heart vol 2
Character- An Honorable Boy by Michelle Zoppa,
Poetry- Ambleside online schedule of poems
Copywork- Copywork for Young Ones-by Sandi Queen
Phonics- finish 100 Easy Lessons
Math- Shiller Math
Artist focus- Ambleside online term artist
Composer focus- Ambleside online term composer

  1. World History-An Island Story
  2. Natural History- The Burgess Bird Book or James's Herriot's Treasury for Children
  1. American History- A First Book in American History
  2. Literature and Tales- The Aesop for Children
  1. Geography-Paddle to the Sea
  2. Literature and Tales- Just So Stories or The Blue Fairy Book or Shakespeare ( Beautiful Stories for Children)
  1. Church History- Trial and Triumph
  2. History-Fifty Famous Stories Retold
  3. Science- my husband's choice
  1. Nature History- Handbook of Nature Study-mammals
  2. Art- Art With A Purpose book 1
  3. Handicrafts
I know this seems like alot, but actually it is not. We will have short 15 minute sessions. Poetry,Hymn/ Praise songs and memory verse will be done over breakfast. Bible and character are done right after breakfast. Then, of course, Curious George time on TV, this will allow me to clean up breakfast and start the dishwasher and put a load of clothes on. Next, will be copywork that my son can do while I play with the babies. After copywork, it will be time for one of the readings of the day. Then break time which means outside time. We might go to the park, go for a walk,etc, as long as it is outside. After lunch and the twins are down for a nap- phonics, break with the composer of the term playing in the background, then math followed by another reading for the day. Narrations are included with the readings. We are done by 1:30 pm on most days. I will have the artist of the term picture and bio hanging along with a piece of the artwork in the kitchen where it can be easily seen. We will talk about the artwork at different times. By the cd player, there will be a picture of the composer with his short bio. Of course, this is the ideal and I know things like life might change the schedule on some days. But, I am hopeful that the majority of days, we will follow this. We get up early, so being done early will be nice. That way the kids and I can study God's creation the rest of the day. Blessings.


Jenny in Ca said...

really, a nice schedule- I envy people who can put together a nice, interesting schedule that flows nicely...mine are kind of all over the place.

I think you are going to love Ambleside,

and good luck with the 18month olds!!

Swylv said...

sounds like a good way to break up the year 1 schedule over the week. I'm sure you saw how we did our Year 1 ... well we're on week #9 of term 3 right now.

I'm not expecting that I know of...wondering what on my weblog made you think I was.

I would love to be expecting though. Prayers appreciated.

Swylv said...

am I ever're too kind! I have a post somewhere that shows what things from year 1 I left off and why. search for adapting as the keyword


B.A.M. said...

Your schedule looks great! Your week layout has inspired me! Thanks for sharing!-Angie in GA