Monday, May 5, 2008

Home School Conference

My husband, my now 6 yr ds, and I went to a home school conference this past weekend. This was our first experience with a home school conference. We went to as many classes as we could, even bought a few tapes of classes we missed. The conference was very informative and fun. I bought several old classic books at the used book sale. Looking forward to reading them to my children. We were able to put our hands on curriculum we were looking at on the Internet. This was very good and cost effective because we decided against many things that we might have purchased, but after seeing them in person, we were not so impressed. One class I went to was lead by Sonya Shafer, the author of "Laying Down the Rails", a Charlotte Mason habit handbook. This class inspired me and was uplifting. I went to the vendor hall and purchased it right after the class. I know this book will impact the way we will instill good habits in our children. What I have learned so far from Sonya Shafer is that each habit takes about 6-8 weeks to become a "habit". Also Sonya stated that Charlotte put the habits of obedience, attention, and truthfulness as three of the most important habits to instill in our children. I agree. I think attention will be the habit I will focus on first. I do not know what specific habit yet, but I think I will start out simple.
My husband focused on science topics and anything that had to do with the law and homeschooling. My husband bought just as much as I did at the vendor tables. We mostly bought reading material to help guide us in teaching our children. Overall, we truly enjoyed our first home school conference.

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Jenny in Ca said...

It's been a long time since I've been to a homeschool convention- your post made me miss the experiences. My husband always went with me, and we always had a great time.

I purchased the "laying down the rails"book a few months ago, and really like it- how cool that you got to go to a workshop taught by Sonya, wow.