Friday, August 22, 2008


Fay just wants to stay. This week has mostly been about waiting for Fay- Tropical Storm Fay that is. She finally arrived Wednesday night and still is here. Maybe by Saturday they say she will be gone. Limbs are everywhere, trees are down, many without electricity, and did I forget about the flooding? Rain, Rain, Rain.....with wind gusts sometimes as high as 50 mph. Oh tornadoes too. We go through hurricane threats every year, living on the coast you expect it, but this girl Fay is different. She won't leave! Home schooling has been a bust this week, except for our Bible study and free readings, we have done nothing else.
Rain, Rain, go away, my sons and I want to go out to play.


Donna T. said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting me at Fish Fell Academy! Sounds like you do have a mess on your hands. Pray for me please because I'll be on the road when Fay is at her worse here in lower Alabama on Sunday morning.

Your blog is beautiful!

I love the colors and all the pictures!

I pray for you all the time and hope you have a wonderful school year!

Donna Thompson at Fish Fell Academy

phillipsgirl2 said...

We've weathered Fay as well, although we live west of the St. Johns river, and it seems like we didn't get it as bad a lot of people. I found your blog through an Ambleside yahoo group and look at it often. I love seeing how you guys homeschool! We're starting this Monday.

Jenny in Ca said...

I have never thought about the reality of homeschooling through hurricanes and bad weather...we have good weather here most of the time.

praying you get through this soon.