Friday, January 16, 2009

Defining Cozy

I had a love one tell me recently that our home would be more cozy if we did this and we did that. I respect their opinions, but also understand that it is only their opinions. Yes, some great points were made. We do need to replace our paper blinds, they have been in place for about four years now. But, really? What makes a home cozy? Is it having new furniture and drapes with pretties here and there. Maybe. To many yes. Not for our family. I, we like things simple, uncluttered. I am not a duster, so the thought of all those pretties that need to be dusted weekly, stresses me. I love the openness of our home. With three children 6 yrs and under this is a plus. They can stretch their wings without the worry of breaking something. Simple leans, for me anyway, a state of easy cleanliness. I take a few moments in the day to straighten up. My house is always tidy before bed time. My 6 yr old ds is a great helper. And the 2yr old twins love to help me unload the dishwasher. Many of my walls are without pictures, bare some say, but I do not see them this way. I love those walls. I have a big blank wall, canvas, in the family room. This past Christmas my 6 yr old ds colored a big manager scene. We placed each beautiful picture on that wall. I do not have things on top of my kitchen cabinets, you know up by the ceiling, like greenery or pretty plates. Again that dusting word comes to mind. I have a huge hall closet downstairs for toys. This way when the children are through playing, the toys can be put up. There are not toys, or as I call them land mines, everywhere for someone to step on or trip over. Yes, there are many times toys are scattered everywhere, how could it no be with three little ones? I love seeing toys on the floor, I love that the children have lots of room to play with their toys on the floor. I just like when they are done playing with, say army men and before they pull out the million legos, the army men are put up. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love homes that have lots of pretties and the this and the that here and there. It is just not our style. Cozy is defined differently for each family. We think our home is very cozy, especially when we are all in the family room playing on the floor. Besides, paper blinds rock. Just my opinion and ramble.


BygracegoI said...

Bless your heart! My house is really more functional. I have lots of things that we use all the time around. A few cute things but with Taz around the pretties are few and far in between (and certainly not expensive). I have 3 book cases in the living room with childrens books on them. My house could be "cozier" or "less cluttered". But it works for us too!

Blessed Mommy said...

Bygracego- thank you. That is a piece of furniture I would love to have more of, bookshelves. I love seeing the children pulling books down and looking at them. I like that word functional too. That is our house, functional and cozy. Again thank you.

Michelle said...

Head over to Joyful Noise and Tami has some great insight as to making a home cozy. I am decluttering to have more room for play, more room to move about. I, too, do not like a lot sitting around.