Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marathon- Not My Day

I had to drop out of this year's Disney Marathon at the 19.5 mile.
Let me go back a little.
A few days before the marathon I was feeling a little under the weather.
My husband questioned whether I should run or not.
But, by Saturday I was feeling much better.
And on race day I was feeling great.
The weather was perfect.
I was having a great day.
My pace was on track to beat my other marathon times.
I was feeling good, confident.
Then mile 12.5 happened.....
With little warning the stomach made a calling.
I think you know want a mean.
For the next 7 miles I managed to keep a 13 minute mile pace
even with at least two stops each mile.
I kept myself hydrated.
I thought I might just hold out.
But, at the mile 19 water pit I felt nauseated.
I knew I needed to call it or I could get into trouble.
So, I walked to the next medical tent at the 19.5 mile
and spoke to the doctor.
He said I made the right decision.
So, there you have it.
I did not complete it this year.
But, I did go 19.5 miles and 7 of them with
you know what.
The doctor said there will be other marathons.
He is right.


BygracegoI said...

OHHHH! I'm so sorry! I know that is disappointing!

Michelle said...

I did a marathon in 1998 (was it really that long ago??) and understand how hard that decision was to make. I have only done 1 but have dreams of one day doing another.