Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Wild Turkey

My oldest and I decided we wanted to make
a turkey from things we gathered
in nature.
Above are our supplies plus poster board and glue.

Palmetto leaves were first glue down.

Then maple leaves. They are still green
were we live.

Magnolia leaves .

Acorns became the body.
In another post will tell about our
study of acorns that came about because of these
lovely gems. LOL!

Completed body.
Coming along nicely I think.

Bark was used for the face and neck
and twigs for the legs.

Google eyes and red construction paper
for finishing touches.
We really enjoyed doing this.
We plan on making another one
the day before Thanksgiving so it will be fresh.

This turned into a nature study and a science lesson.
I can think of no better way to spend the morning.
Many blessings.


Mrs Adept said...

That is super novel and cute. I love it.

Hen Jen said...

now that is very creative! love it!

Angela said...

I showed this to my girls and they LOVE it! We don't have any acorns where we live in Oregon, but we do have lots and lots and LOTS of filberts, and this looks like a must-try Thanksgiving craft! Thanks for sharing it!

themagiconions said...

Oh My Gosh... this is the most wonderful turkey EVER!!! I love him so much! Thank you so much for posting him... we will be making a wild turkey this week too... thanks for the inspiration.
Don't worry about Mr Linky... he's hard to get the hang of in the beginning but once you have it... it's a piece of cake. I relinked your post. The trick is being on the page of your blog were you post is... ie, only 'Our Wild Turkey' in your blog is open... copy the address, go to Friday's Nature Table and paste it in the second window of Mr Linky. Put your name in the top window. There you have it.
I look forward to more of your posts and am off to spend some time looking through your lovely blog now. Thanks so much for sharing.
Blessings and magic.