Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Daily Rhythm

Our family rhythm is slowly

I put away our "school" schedule
and started working on our "family" rhythm a few months ago.
The twins are 3 yrs old now.
What works for the whole family?
How to incorporate all?
No separation.
We are a family.

This is want has emerged.
It is actually gentle in its flow.
We know things will change as our family changes
from the inside out.

Monday- painting/drawing
Tuesday- clay/play dough
Wednesday- baking
Thursday- sensory tubs
Friday- crafting/handwork

am chores for all
Bible, singing, dancing.
Story telling and read alouds
Outside time, unstructured play
snack prep with all helping
M/T/W/TH/F activity
unstructured play
twins nap
Phonics, reading, history, math, etc. for the oldest
twins up
snack prep with all helping
unstructured play
afternoon chores for all
reading and story telling

I have found that my children thrive with routine.
There is a calmness to it,
There are no set times, no clock watching.
It is just the knowing of what comes next that is calming.
The children know that after breakfast,
their am chores need to be done.
After outside time,
there will be a snack we will all prepare, etc.

We are still finding our way,
but we are enjoying doing it together.
Many blessings.


Hen Jen said...

sounds really nice, i think I want to live at your house! I think you are right, kids do thrive on predictability, it's why toddlers will watch the same dvd over and over everyday. I struggle with routine, because I am not a routine type person..but I know i need to keep trying for the sake of the kids.

the paintings are beautiful!

Blessed Mommy said...

Jen- thank you. Your comments always mean so much to me.

Nikki said...

A lovely post! We've been finding our rhythm too and I've also felt that this year we need to focus more on our family being a unit and doing things together. The rhythm you've found looks lovely-we're still finding ours, perhaps I'll post about it soon! Actually part of finding our rhythm has meant cutting out a lot of computer time for me and hence no blogging has happened for a while. Think I need to post soon. Blessings, Nikki