Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Boys Adventure with Daddy

Off to Fort Frederica they go.
My Hubby, love this man, likes to take the children
on adventures on the days Mommy needs to sleep
after working all night.
Thought I might share some pictures
of one of their adventures.

They started at the welcoming center at the fort.
My husband said it was one of the nicest of all
the forts so far.
They had era clothes to try on.

Of course, my oldest went for the soldier outfit.

Now, for the fort itself.
Not much left, but fun to imagine.

The fort is located on some beautiful property.

They roamed about the whole area.

Exploring every remains.

Of course, they gravitated towards the cannons.

The day was hot and the boys showed it.

But, they had fun according to Hubby.
What fun adventure will be next for the
Barefoot Cowboys?

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Tolle Lege Christian Academy said...

What a fun time! I came over to your blog after seeing your post at AO about Cozy Grammar. (I'm not familiar with it....Hope someone is!) Anyway, when I saw your region, I came over to say hello. We must be relatively close. You have a beautiful blog!
Take care,