Monday, August 2, 2010

2010-2011 Homeschool at Barefoot Cowboys

Here is what we have for our new home school year
for my oldest son- 8 years old- 2nd grade.
Our new school year starts August 15th.

Language Arts
The Basic Cozy Grammar and Punctuation Course
DVD by Marie Rackham
Listen My Children and You Shall Hear
by Betty Lou Kratoville

Writing in Narrative
by Peter Joel and Dr. Leslie Simonson
Handwriting Without Tears
by Jan Z. Olsen

Dolch words- 2nd grade

Living math books
math word problems in a notebook

Real Science-4-Kids Chemistry Pre-level I
by Dr R.W. Keller
Lots of hands on, whatever my son's interests are,

American History- Revolutionary War
Several spine books to be read aloud by me

World History
Greek and Roman History
The Story of the Greeks and The Story of the Romans
by H.A.Guerber
These are the spine books to be read aloud by me

Tree in the Trail and Seabird
by Holling C. Holling

Natural History
Parables of Nature
by Mrs. Alfred Gatty
Seashore Birds
by Burgess

Literature and Tales
Aesop's Fables
Fifty Famous Stories Retold

Bach, Vivaldi, and Beethoven

not decided yet

Free Reads
my oldest will choose from the library

Our Daily Rhythm

Wake up and wash faces and make beds
Before breakfast, we light the morning candle
and say our morning prayer
at breakfast Bible story and singing
am chores for all
Story telling and read alouds
outside time, unstructured play
snack prep with all helping
M/T/W/TH/F activity
unstructured play
twins nap/quiet time
reading, math,writing, history, etc. for the oldest
up from nap/ quiet time
wash faces
snack prep with all helping
afternoon chores for all
unstructured play/soccer practice, etc.
bath time
reading and story time
nighttime candle lighting and prayer

Monday- baking
Tuesday- painting
Wednesday- sewing/clay/play dough
Thursday-nature art
Friday- surprise

I am sure things will change here and there.
It was hard slimming down all the options out there.
I want our home school to be a gentle learning environment.
I am excited for the new school year.
Will be involving the little ones more, too cute.
Many blessings.


Nikki Olivier said...

That sounds lovely! I really commend you on doing school with the eldest while the little ones rest-I tried using that time for doing things with Jenna but found I really needed 'Me" time to rest too! :-)
Would love to hear how you use the Living Maths books-been looking at that site too. Is this the first time using Math-U-See? Would love to hear how that goes. No pressure ;-) if you write about it great, if not that's understandable too!

phillipsgirl said...

I love to read what others are doing for school! Thanks for posting. We're beginning next week. I'm just sticking with AO. You're right about it being hard to choose with all the options out there.