Friday, August 20, 2010

First Day Of School

Traditional first day of school front porch picture.

Morning candle lightening with breakfast.

Monday is baking day.
Started this year with simple recipes.
My oldest read the directions and measured the ingredients.
The twins stirred.

Oven preheated and pan prepped.

Spread it evenly.

Clean up a must and all helped.

Shaping our pizza dough.

Cheese, cheese, cheese!


Mommy did throw in some fruit and milk
to try add something healthy.

We did manage to get in reading, grammar, math,
handwriting, and science in too.
Great start of a new year.


Nikki Olivier said...

Mmmmm, yummy that pizza looks good!!! Hope the rest of the year is as good as the first day!

Karen said...

Hi there, I stumbled across you over from Nikki's blog, and must say, I love your start to the school year - love that there's a traditional porch photo. A great start to the year - may it go well!

homeschooling mom of 4 said...

Looks fun! Don't get to visit around often but I'm always inspired. Have a great school year.