Friday, December 19, 2008

Caroling With Young Ones

Last night we went caroling with young ones from our church,
ages 5 yrs to 8 yrs old.
We went to several houses and finished at a nursing home.
This was the first time for any of the children to visit a nursing home
and we were unsure of how they would do.
They were beautiful.
Their carols were angelic.
Our plans were to go to three rooms.
We wanted to go to room bound residents.
We ended up going to over six rooms.
Yes, there were many questions later.
All answered simply.
The children want to come again.
In this time of "iwantitis,"
it is lovely to see children thinking of others.
Many Blessings.


Kate said...

It sounds like an incredible time. I'm sure the kids really brightened some hearts with their singing. And what a wonderful experience for the kids also. Great way to think of others, and to remember what the season is really about!

Jenny in Ca said...

what a sweet experience, and a wonderful life experience.

p.s. I tagged you for a photo meme over at my blog, hope you can play!