Monday, February 23, 2009

Outside Time

The weather was crisp and beautiful this past weekend. We as a family spent most of the weekend in the back yard. My husband working on the outdoor fort for the children. Might I add watching him pour all his love into this project makes me fall even more deeply on love with him, if that is possible. The children played in the dirt. The oldest with his two friends, the three musketeers, the twins with everybody. I was able to sit on the steps and dive deeply in a book with a diet coke at hand. What fun. Times like this are my favorite.
My oldest finally got the confidence to ride his bike without training wheels. I think his smile could not be any bigger or brighter. The neighborhood boys cheered and encouraged, joining in on his ride. My husband and I just looked at each other, no words exchanged, we both thought the same, we are blessed.
Other fun happenings. One of my girlfriends and I ran a 10K on Saturday. Starting temperature was 36 degrees. Dressing for a run that cold is hard for us who live in the South. We just don't experience it that often. Layers are the key. As you run, you strip, laying items on the side and hoping they are there when you come back. I placed mine by pirates who where stationed on the route, it was a Pirates Run. They looked after them for me. This race consisted of 4 miles of trail running, a first for me and my girlfriend. The trail was beautiful. It was through marsh areas with big signs warning of wild alligators. I think if we saw one, we would have blown by even the fastest of runners. We really could not take in the beauty because we had to be sure of our footing.
All in all, we can say we did a trail run, check it off the list. Many blessings.

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