Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally Doing a Seasonal Tree Study

About a year and a half ago,
we started a seasonal tree study.
We choose an oak.
We took initial diameter measurements,
did bark and leaf rubbings.
I even blogged about it.
We did not follow through with our study.
Oh, well.

Then in July,
we decided to try again.
But, as far as we got is the pictures,
no study.
This is the tree we choose.
It just popped up in our yard.
At first, it looked like a weed,
but soon a lovely tree formed.
We love this little tree.

We decided to formally
start a seasonal tree study again.
We choose our little tree.
Boy has it grown!
We wished we had measurements
from July.

We do now.
We also have bark and leaf rubbings.
My oldest has drawn pictures of our little
fast growing tree.

Our only problem,
we are having trouble identifying our tree.
We are enjoying researching though.
Many blessings.

1 comment:

Hen Jen said...

I am always meaning to do a tree study, but never do. I never thought about taking measurements, tho..that would be very interesting! Maybe we will do it!