Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Term Two Update

Year one-term 2-week 6
Week 6 is our review/catch-up week.
We really did not have much to catch up on
except some reading for World history
and some notebook entries for our bird book.
Also, maybe a time line picture or two.
So far we are enjoying term 2.
With all the tweaking we did in term one,
it is nice to be settling in.
My favorite part of the day is reading aloud
to the children.
We also enjoy listening to music as we play
in the back yard.
We did not get to focus on our artist study.
I am hoping that in the next six weeks
we are able to.
I am also hoping to do more notebook
Right now we have a notebook for our
bird book and our Astronomy book.
I would love to have a notebook on
our Sunday readings and literature readings.
I feel my oldest retains more with doing
these notebook entries.
He struggles with verbal narrations, but
with pictures, he thrives.

Looking forward to the next six weeks.
Many blessings

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Mrs Adept said...

I had all the good intentions on doing artist study, I just haven't got there yet. I can let myself off the hook because we haven't even got to year 0. That's next year.

Things look like they are going pretty good at your place.