Saturday, October 3, 2009

Running Update- Training in Progress

5K - check
10K- check
15K- check
1/2 marathon- check

Completed a 1/2 marathon today. Yeah!
Have a few 5K races scheduled in the upcoming months.
But, the big one is in January 2010,
The Disney Marathon.
I have completed this marathon before,
but this year I will be running with my friend.
We are leaving our husbands and kids behind
and are tracking to Disney.
What fun!
What a great way to start out 2010.


Hen Jen said...

are you going to DW or DL for the marathon? I really admire you for running!

p.s. thanks for the comment at my place, I was wondering which classical website are you using?

Mrs Adept said...

Wow - I can't even barely walk to the park and back.

Did you change the picture at the top of your blog? Love the picture you have there.

Blessed Mommy said...

Hello Jen- It is the marathon at Disney World. Also, it is the classical website- Thanks for commenting.

Mrs Adept- Thanks for noticing the new picture.