Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hope all had a very blessed Christmas.
We enjoyed ours
and will continue enjoying til the new year rings in.

The year 2010 is upon us.
Someone asked what my new year resolutions are.
Not really sure I can put them into words,
but I will try.

I really want to slow down.
This was one of my resolutions in 2009 too.
We did slow down,
but I want our family to slow down even more in 2010.
I want us to live slowly,
enjoy life more fully, more simply.
Taking more deep breaths.
Be more frugal,
less cluttered.

Get dirty, muddy.
Make mud pies, plant some seeds.
Be outside.
Enjoy our Lord's creations more.
Be bored.
Read lots of books.
Eat more whole foods.
Go camping.
More family Bible study.

I want our little family to be ourselves.
The Barefoot Cowboys.
Many blessings.

1 comment:

Hen Jen said...

that sounds like a great resolution!

Have a wonderful 2010!!!!