Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Field Trip Friday- Fort King George

My husband once again found another treasure
here on the coast- Fort King George.
It is just a little Fort that the British built
to , how can I say this nicely,
be a thorn in the side of both Spain and France.

At the Welcome center, each of the boys were
given wooden muskets to carry around
while touring.
He just won them over!
Off they went down the path.

Passing by Indian ruins along the way.

Hurry! We have a fort to protect!

The main block house.

Always on the alert.

A British soldier, telling stories about the fort.

Firing a musket.

Oh yes, there were cannons and the boys saw
them all.

A mortar cannon.

One of the lookout towers.

Yet another cannon. Smiles.

Time to check the perimeter.

Muskets at the ready.

The twins did everything their big brother did.

What a wonderful day the boys had with Daddy.

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Nikki Olivier said...

Boy heaven! They look like they had a blast!