Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Lesson

It is Wednesday and we are off to the beach.
There is so much to take in at the seaside-
the sounds, sights, smells, feel, and the tastes.
This trip, I did a "lesson" with the twins.

Lately the twins have been pointing out
letters and numbers
they see from everywhere, books, road signs, etc.
So, while at the beach...

I wrote out a few letters and numbers in the sand.
They love scribbling in the sand.
I first asked them to trace my letters.
They watched me and started tracing.

I then asked if they wanted to make letters
by themselves.
They smiled and giggled and said
"yes, mommy."

I was truly amazed.

They were forming them correctly.

Not once have the twins written
a letter or been asked to write a letter in crayon.
We have played with
shape formation with chalk,
but that is all.

They would form their letters and ask me
"what letter is it mommy?"
It was as if they were giving me the lesson, smiles.

The "lesson" lasted maybe 10 minutes.
Soon, they were off and running into the water,
chasing birds,
looking at crab holes,
and shell collecting.


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