Friday, October 29, 2010


Soccer this Fall season has been humbling
for my oldest and his whole team.
They are use to being a winning team,
only losing to one team.
This year, they all moved up, new age division,
same coach, mostly same kids,
but now they are the new, younger kids.
They have only won one game so far.

But, I think they have played their best ever.
My son sometimes hangs his head after the game.
I believe learning that you will not always
come out on top no matter how hard you try
is an important reality to learn.
It is tough, as a parent, watching your child
learn this though.
The lessons learned from this season
will help them be better players in the Spring-
importance of good sportsmanship, listening,
patience, not to let up, the last 5 minutes do count, drills do work, etc......

They have 4 more games.
I still hope they win them all,
well, at least one. Smiles
Many blessings.

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