Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Nature Walk

My three sons and I went on a nature walk a few days ago and here are a few pictures we took. The first one is of a bird perched up on a plant hanging at a relative's house. This is as close as we could get. When we got any closer, one of the twins would giggle or talk and the bird would fly away. The second picture is a rabbit viewed from a window at our house. My 5yr loved just watching him eat the grass. We saw four rabbits on our walk. The third is of a view of the marsh from our street. We took a moment and just listened. My 5yr old said he heard an alligator, I hope not, but it is possible. That's why we have a hard rule of no playing in "the tall grass." The sunsets are beautiful here. We also saw a bird lose a feather. We watched the feather glide down to the ground. Of course we brought it home.

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Jenny in Ca said...

love the photos on your sidebar! Welcome to blogger, I find it user friendly too- I am a computer klutz...

your boys are just too cute!